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Improving Healthcare Through Disruptive Innovation

Medical Excellence Capital (MEC) is an early stage life sciences fund that combines a unique global network of leading physician scientists with a team of experienced investors, company builders, and operators.

Focusing on the Future of Precision Health

At MEC, we believe the post Covid-19 era will lead to a golden age in innovation within the life sciences space.

MEC invests in company creation, seed and Series A opportunities where technology and novel approaches are transformational including, but not limited to:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Cell Therapy
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • AI-Enabled Drug Discovery & Development

Tapping into a Global Network of Opportunity

MEC leverages Medical Excellence Group’s (MedEx) proprietary physician and academic medical center platform to curate a unique deal flow of emerging, breakthrough technologies thoroughly vetted by our own team of industry experts.

Top Physicians
and Scientists
Major Academic
Medical Centers

Leveraging Unparalleled Industry Expertise

We created the MEC Council, a carefully-curated subset of our 1,100+ physician/scientist panel to create a unique competitive edge. The Council enables us to get smart very quickly on a complex business opportunity theme, evaluate an investment hypothesis, or to accelerate the development of an existing MEC portfolio company.

MEC Council members include acclaimed subject matter experts across all areas of healthcare and biotech, from drug discovery researchers to experts in clinical development and regulatory requirements.

Purpose Built Team

MEC is comprised of seasoned investors and health venture operators, each with a track record of success across multiple sectors in healthcare investment and operating environments.

John Prufeta, MBA
John Prufeta, MBA
Founder, CEO & General Partner
Eric Heil, MBA
Eric Heil, MBA
Managing Partner
Kim Kamdar, PhD
Kim Kamdar, PhD
Managing Partner
Brian Halak, PhD
Brian Halak, PhD
Managing Partner
Joni Mancini, CPA
Joni Mancini, CPA
Managing Partner & COO/CFO
Olga Prufeta
Olga Prufeta
MEC LP Liaison;
Medical Excellence Group
John Hornbostel, Esq.
John Hornbostel, Esq.
Kevin Emesiani, PharmD, MBA
Kevin Emesiani, PharmD, MBA

Engaging with World-Class Scientific Advisors

Acclaimed innovators themselves in the fields of regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and mitochondrial medicine, the MEC scientific advisory board brings critical perspective to evaluating new opportunities and providing added value to portfolio companies.

Euan Ashley<br>MB ChB, PhD
Euan Ashley
Juan-Carlos<br>Belmonte, PhD
Belmonte, PhD
Salk Institute
Gregg Semenza<br>MD, PhD
Gregg Semenza
2019 Nobel Laureate
Johns Hopkins
Stephen Tsang<br>MD, PhD
Stephen Tsang
Douglas Wallace<br>PhD
Douglas Wallace
CHOP | UPenn

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